Wake-up Somaliland: Bypassing Somaliland government, to secure funding from the African Development Bank Borama-Djibouti Road Project is provocative move aiming at bringing Awdal and Salal and parts of Gabilay under Mogadishu rule.

The political gridlock in Hargeisa has given Somalia apologists opportunity not only to undermine the cohesiveness of Somaliland but also to challenge the very existence of Somaliland, boldly, after almost three decades. 

Somaliland haters are also plotting against us.

The Finance Minister of the fictional government of Somalia, Bayle, is capitalizing this manafactured crisis over the result of 2017 presidential election. Now, he is spearheading  efforts to sow division in Somaliland. After bypassing Somaliland government, to secure funding from the African Development Bank, for the Djibouti-Borama Hwy. This bold and provocative move is a part a bigger plan to effectively Awdal and Salal, and maybe Gabiley—-if those tough communities but abandoned  by Somaliland government—-fail to defend their land, become a federal state under the rule of  Mogadishu.

Silanyo held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction Djibouti-Borama Hwy in 2012, and Bihi promised to complete the project during 2017 presidential election, to pander Gada-Buursi votes.


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