Ex-Minister Hersi VS Current Minister Abokor & the Tragedy of Ceerigaabo Road Project!!!


Ex Presidency minister, Mr Hersi Haji has, yesterday, aggressively criticizing the current Somaliland President , Muse Bixi, for not doing enough in having the Burco – Erigabo Road Project implemented .

In response, the current Minister of Roads, Mr Abdullahi Abokor claimed exactely the opposite contending that it was Ex minister Hersi who failed to effectively use the resources and even pocketed most of the funds earmarked for road project for his own personal ends.

Lack of transparency and the absence of adopting reliable accounting and auditing standards are driving somaliland people to the woods. In addition, our politicians evidently have vested interest in keeping us in the dark.

Confused, the ordinary people often take sides and come up to unguarded conclusions. In the absence of any reliable information the public doesn’t know whom to believe. Some normally revert to the centuries old absurdness of tribalism which adds fuel to the fire.

The truth of what had occurred; who is telling the truth and whose is selling bullshit is never exposed for all to see.

It is high time we should ( collectively) demand and insist on an independent audit to be conducted to ascertain what each of Hersi, Ali Mareexaan and Abokor has achieved vs the resources at their disposal regarding the Erigabo Road Project.

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